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NAS Bristol Branch is a parent led support group.


The group is run by volunteers, some are parents of autistic children themselves.


We are here to help and support autistic people and their families in Bristol

and surrounding areas.


A branch of The National Autistic Society

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Welcome to NAS Bristol Branch

Join NAS Bristol Branch Online Support Group

At NAS Bristol we use a range of Social Media platforms to be able to find and share information with our members.


We have the combined knowledge of over 1500 families in our online support group, who are on hand to share information and their own personal experiences.


We also have our very own NAS Bristol Branch lending library. This library is often available at our meetings so parents and carers can browse and borrow books.

We have a fantastic online support group on Facebook. This is a friendly, welcoming group where parents and carers can talk and share experiences and information.


NAS Bristol Branch - Autism Events, Advice and Support


NAS Bristol arrange monthly activities for autistic children / young people and their families to enjoy, as well as meetings for parents and carers offering a chance to meet and talk with like minded people.

NAS Bristol Branch is a registered charity in England and Wales (269425).


All of the activities and events NAS Bristol organise are made possible by the generous donations and grants we receive from both individuals and larger companies / organisations.


We always welcome people to fundraise for Bristol Branch








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NAS Autism Helpline - 0808 800 4104 


Call The NAS Support Line: Monday - Friday, 10am - 3pm


The Helpline can    >   answer general questions about autism and Asperger Syndrome

                               >   talk through support options available to family members

                               >   tell you about local services

                               >   refer you on to other organisations that may be able to help you

                               >   send you information in the post or by email about all of these things


                               >> Click for more information 


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