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Supporting Families Living With Autism In Bristol

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Bristol Autism Project

What is the Bristol Autism Project (BAP)?


The Bristol Autism Project provides activities during school holidays for children (age 5-18) with a diagnosis of autism and their siblings. Unlike other forms of short break provision, the Bristol Autism Project is unique in that it provides activities for the whole family, allowing children with autism to spend time with siblings and parents / carers and enabling families to access holiday activities they may not have been able to without support.


The Autism project is split into 2 groups, under 11's and over 11's and suitable activities are scheduled for almost each day of school holidays for both groups.


Parents remain responsible for their own children while attending activities, but BAP workers are there to provide support if needed.


How much does it cost to become a member of BAP?


All activities are free.


How do I access The Bristol Autism Project?


You have to become a member of the Autism Project to be able to access the activities on offer.


You can self refer to the service (see contact details further down the page)


What happens once I am a member?


Once a BAP member, you will be sent out a holiday schedule a few weeks before a school holiday. From this schedule you can select which activities you would like to attend and book places as necessary. As well as a time table you will receive a visual timetable with pictures for children to follow, as well as more details about each venue in a letter to parents / carers.


To book holiday activities you simply text the phone number on the schedule detailing the activity you wish to join, number of people attending and your family name, you will receive a confirmation text soon after.


What activities can I expect from BAP?


BAP offer a wide range of activities. Where possible they hold closed sessions so venues are hired for the groups sole use. Other events are very well planned and supported by trained staff, so even open sessions are accessible.


They offer a wide range of activities such as soft play, motor boat rides, swimming, cinema trips, farm visits, climbing, bowling and much more.






BAP in the press


Recently the Bristol Autism Project has featured a lot in local media. There was a threat to the service as the local Authority planned to reform their short break provision. A group of parents who value the service and the lifeline it offers their families started a successful campaign to save BAP. This campaign had such a positive outcome thanks to the hard work of the parents who were determined to save this service and the National Autistic Society who were behind the campaign and offered support throughout.



Mum's plea to save Bristol Autism Project holiday club


Parents demand no change for autism club


Campaign to save the Bristol Autism Project successful!


Holiday club for autistic children saved!

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