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National Autistic Society Bristol Branch

Code Of Conduct

October 2016

Code Of Conduct



To ensure the group runs smoothly, please read through and follow the rules and guidelines outlined below:


Members Only:

This Group is for NAS Bristol members (parents, carers & relatives of young people with a diagnosis of or under assessment for autism).


Confidentiality is Key:

Things said in the group should remain confidential, please respect other users privacy by not discussing what you see on this page outside of the group


Keep it Clean:

No bad language, insulting or offensive posts / comments will be tolerated in this group, all posts must adhere to Facebook's community standards.


Respect all group members:

Messages that are sexist, homophobic, racist, intolerant of religious beliefs, obscene or otherwise discriminatory are not allowed in the group.


Be cautious when posting:

Please don’t disclose personal data such as addresses, Email addresses or phone numbers, nor ask other members for their personal details.


Protect your children:

Please ensure that in any photos shared, children are fully clothed and no details of schools are displayed on uniforms.


Respect your children:

Please remember that your children are people too, think before sharing anything which may compromise your children’s privacy and/or dignity.


No advertising / Selling:

The NAS Bristol Facebook group is for parents & carers to connect, share information and support one another. this is not a selling page.


No Fundraising posts:

NAS Bristol is a registered charity reliant on donations and fundraising in order to offer our activities and events.


No sharing of other groups:

Please do not share details of other groups within the NAS Bristol group without prior admin approval.


No Naming & Shaming:

Please do not write any posts containing the specific names of professionals working with your children or schools they attend or have attended.


Be respectful and sensitive to others:

With so many members, not everyone will agree on certain issues. It can be important in groups such as this to agree to disagree.


Participate, don't dominate

Everyone can contribute to group discussion, infact, the more you add, the more you gain from the group, but please be mindful to not dominate the discussion.


* Admin reserve the right to delete any posts without notice if they think that it is not in keeping with the group’s best interest.


** Admin reserve the right to delete any member they feel are misusing the group without prior notice.





To become a member of the NAS Bristol Branch Facebook Group you must meet the following criteria:


1) Our members should live in Bristol or neighbouring Counties (we also welcome members from South Glos, BANES and North Somerset).

2) Our members must be a parent, carer or relative of a young person with an Autism Spectrum Condition age 0-19.


(Official diagnosis is not essential to be a part of NAS Bristol Branch, we also welcome families currently going through (or who have been referred to) the investigation / assessment and diagnosis process). 


If you do not meet the criteria listed above we kindly ask that you to leave the group.


If you don’t fit the group criteria but would still like to follow NAS Bristol Branch, please LIKE our Facebook Page;

National Autistic Society Bristol Branch or visit our Website:



Support One Another


The main aim of this Facebook group is to allow people to connect, share and be there for one another. It is a place to share good news, to share your child’s achievements and to offer inspiration to other families. It is a place to ask questions and for others to reply offering their personal thoughts and experiences. It is a place for sharing ideas and information you find with other families who may not know where to turn. On a bad day it is a place to go to have a moan and hear kind words of support from fellow parents who may have been in similar circumstances themselves.


We are all on the same journey even though we may be taking separate paths. Please respect the view points of others which may differ to your own.



Respect Other Members


No abusive or offensive remarks will be tolerated in this group. Any such remarks will be removed as quickly as possible and may result in the author of said remarks being removed from the group. The responsibility and consequences of what you post are yours, this should be your first consideration when posting anything on social media.


While debating and healthy discussions are fine, the admin of this group will not tolerate rudeness or profanity, insulting or defamatory posts, purposeful attacks or purposeless inflammatory comments.  All opinions will be treated with mutual respect unless they violate the aforementioned rules. Always treat your fellow Facebook Group members with the same level of respect you wish to receive.


Please bear in mind that with so many members, not everyone will agree on certain issues. It is perfectly acceptable to note that you do not agree with someone’s opinion, but please do so in a respectful manner. It can be important in groups such as this to agree to disagree. Administrators are here to help if things should get out of hand, but with such a large group, admin cant be online 24/7 and therefore we ask members to take responsibility for their own comments and posts.


If you should find a post you consider to be offensive or is in breach of our group rules, you can Private Message (PM) a member of the admin team (listed in the pinned post at the top of the group page) and they will endeavour to deal with the situation as soon as possible. If you post something that attracts a negative comment, you as the original poster (OP) have the power to delete your post to prevent any further tensions arising.


Please respect other group users privacy, do not discuss anything you have read in the forum with people outside of the group.



Protect Yourselves


This group is a closed group, whereby only members will see your posts in the group.  They may appear on your news feed because you are a group member. Your Facebook friends and family will not be able to see your posts unless they are also members, so this is as safe place as possible to vent, share successes, seek support and advice.


Though the group is a closed group, it is NOT Secret. Please be aware that your comments are made in a restricted but still public forum and please don’t disclose personal data such as addresses, Email addresses or phone numbers. Some things are safer shared through Direct or Private Messages to other members rather than sharing with the whole group.


Though the group is closed to offer as much privacy as possible, it is still best to decide before posting how much information do you want to share? Please bear this in mind when writing about sensitive subjects or sharing pictures. Though only other group members can see things posted in the group, we don’t know every member of the group. Even though posts cannot be shared on Facebook directly from the group, screen shots can be taken from mobile devices and passed on to other parties. This is true of every Facebook Group / Page or even your own personal profile page.


We don’t want to discourage your posts, but we want members to be aware of online dangers and make informed choices. We want the NAS Bristol Branch group to be a safe and welcoming place for our members. Think before you post! This is Facebook, one of the biggest sites on the internet – what goes up can never really come down.



No Selling / Advertising / Spamming


The NAS Bristol Branch group is NOT A SELLING PAGE. We don't allow people to advertise goods and services within this group. However you can let people know about a service, book, telephone number etc, if it is something that may benefit another member and is related to autism.


Due to the nature of the group, we get a lot of requests from students wanting to find participants for research studies. Please contact NAS Bristol Admin before posting details of any research projects.



Thank you for taking the time to read through our Code of Conduct.


The NAS Bristol Branch Team hope everyone is able to abide by these rules, which have been put in place to protect all of our members.

We hope this group can be a source of support and advice for all members going through similar experiences.


The Admin and all future Admin reserve the right to remove a post, delete comments and to ban anyone who wilfully violates the group rules. We reserve the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the group dictate so as to ensure smooth group conversation.


Admin on this page are volunteering their time and are not paid NAS employees. While we do our best to watch the site and moderate content, it is impossible for us to be online 24/7, please be aware it may take some time to get a reply to a post, but please do bear with us.


Please note Admin of the NAS Bristol Branch Group are all parent carers themselves, not professionals in any field of autism. While we will do our best to offer support and try to direct people to correct services, please remember that we too are finding our way in an area where legislations and services provided are constantly changing. We may not have all the answers but we will strive to point you in the direction of people who may be able to help where we can and offer advice parent to parent.

Enjoy the group – Make connections – Make friends –

Share experiences – Support one another

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