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Social Media Policy 2017

> At NAS Bristol Branch we have a very active online community in our

Facebook Parents Group.


> To ensure the smooth running of the group and to keep the group and its 800+ members as safe as we can, NAS Bristol have a Social Media Policy which we expect all members to read and abide by at all times.


> The Facebook Group is a place for parents and carers to connect and share valuable information.


> The more you put in to the group, the more you will get back from it.

Please do take time to share your stories, ask questions, share information, you may be helping lots of others in similar circumstances as yourself.

NAS_Autism_Bristol social-media

To ensure the group runs smoothly, please read through and follow the rules and guidelines outlined below:


Members Only:

This Group is for NAS Bristol members

(parents, carers & relatives of young people with a diagnosis of or under assessment for autism).



Confidentiality Is Key:

Things said in the group should remain confidential, please respect other users privacy by not discussing what you see on this page outside of the group



Keep It Clean:

No bad language, insulting or offensive posts / comments will be tolerated in this group, all posts must adhere to Facebook's community standards.



Respect All Group Members:

Messages that are sexist, homophobic, racist, intolerant of religious beliefs, obscene or otherwise discriminatory are not allowed in the group. This includes links to websites with contents of this type.



Be Cautious When Posting:

Please don’t disclose personal data such as addresses, Email addresses or phone numbers, nor ask other members for their personal details. Please protect your identity and privacy at all times as once it's out there you can't ever really take it back.



Protect Your Children:

Please ensure that in any photos shared, children are fully clothed and schools cant be identified by uniforms.




Respect Your Children:

Please remember that your children are people too, think before sharing anything which may compromise your children's privacy and/or dignity.



No Advertising / Selling:

The NAS Bristol Facebook group is for parents & carers to connect, share information and support one another. This is not a selling page. We may allow some adverts to be shared if we feel they are of benefit to the group members, please contact admin prior to posting any advertisement. You can let people know about a service, book, telephone number etc, that you have found helpful. However the Facebook group cannot be used to endorse products or recommend services or therapy approaches. If you have joined the group in order to advertise or sell products then your membership will be removed.



No Fundraising Posts:

NAS Bristol is a registered charity reliant on donations and fundraising in order to offer our activities and events. Please don't share posts for other groups or organisations without prior admin approval.



No Sharing Of Other Groups:

Please do not share details of other groups within the NAS Bristol group without prior admin approval.




No Naming & Shaming:

Please do not write any posts containing the specific names of professionals working with your children or schools they attend or have attended. Identifying individuals or specific services, especially when making complaints, may be considered libel and your post may be removed.  



Be Respectful And Sensitive To Others:

With so many members, not everyone will agree on certain issues. It is perfectly acceptable to note that you do not agree with someone’s opinion, but please do so in a respectful manner. It can be important in groups such as this to agree to disagree.


Group Rules














* Admin reserve the right to delete any posts without notice if they think that it is not in keeping with the group’s best interest.


** Admin reserve the right to delete any member they feel are misusing the group without prior notice.

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